Home to some of the best breakfast in Los Angeles, Downtown Burbank takes the most important meal of your day very seriously. Whether you’re in search of coffee shop vibes, brunch spots, popular chain restaurants, a standout deli or an easy on-the-go meal, you’ll find the top breakfasts in Burbank at these noteworthy eateries. 

Lily’s Café

As a hometown staple, Lily’s Café is known for its charming environment and scrumptious menu. The restaurant offers organic steel cut oatmeal, jello berry parfait and a large variety of breakfast pastries including muffins, scones, and breads. To get the most out of your morning outing, you’ll likely want to pair your breakfast treat with Lily’s house tea or an espresso-based coffee drink.

Milano Cafe & Deli

The location is more than a deli and cafe, it hosts a range of amenities including an upscale market featuring dry and canned goods, non-food essential items, and a selection of French, Italian, Brazilian, and Armenian specialty items. The cafe features fresh baked bread and desserts, a hot and cold bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, coffee and tea, and a juice and smoothie bar. Make sure to check out this deli when you’re in search of a top breakfast place in Downtown Burbank!

Artelice Patisserie

The location is more than a deli and cafe, it hosts a range of amenities including an upscale market featuring dry and canned goods, Artelice has perfected the idea of “where art becomes delicious”. This high-end french pastry shop adds a modern twist to all of their indulgent desserts, making these sweets look just as exquisite as they taste. Pastries so beautiful and delicious they have catered for the Grammys. If you’re looking to pair your pastry with something warm, explore their coffee and tea selection.

San Marco Coffee Roasting House

Not only is San Marco Coffee Roasting House a quirky coffee shop to sit and sip on an easy morning, but they also roast and sell their own beans. Their gourmet coffee is flavorful and reliable making it worthy of becoming a part of your regular morning routine. For a refreshing and delightful caffeinated treat, try their flavorful iced lattes or their assortment of coffee and tea to kickstart your morning. 

The Great Grill

Not exclusively a breakfast spot, The Great Grill is still a great choice for breakfast lovers. Known to use simple yet fresh ingredients, every morning plate is easy on the eyes and tasty in the belly. From waffles and french toast to a selection of grilled breakfast burritos (including a vegetarian option), the menu offers diners plenty of meal options to start their day.

Smashed Burger

Smashed Burgers offers more than just delicious burgers, they serve deliciously impressive breakfast burritos, too. From 7 to 11 am, you can customize your burrito with a variety of tortillas and a base filling of potatoes, American cheese and eggs with the option to add your favorite breakfast meat. The simple menu is simply perfect for those looking to indulge in a hearty morning meal.

Panini Kabob Grill

Don’t let the name fool you, at Panini Kabob Grill you can find an enticing breakfast spread catering to all cravings. Seemingly created for those with a fondness for avocado, the menu offers both avocado toast with a whole avocado and a Scottish smoked salmon avocado toast. For more traditional options, French toast and custom scrabbles (using only organic eggs) are top choices for morning diners.

Apollo Burger

Although the breakfast burritos at Apollo Burger are locally famous, it’s not the only notable breakfast item you’ll find on the menu. The American inspired fare offers additional classic breakfast options such as thick pancake stacks and breakfast sandwiches. With simple ingredients and inexpensive prices, this joint is ideal for quick and tasty on-the-go or dine-in options.

Don Cuco’s 

If you’re a late riser and prefer more of a brunch menu than breakfast, Don Cuco’s is your spot. Proclaimed by many as the best Mexican food in L.A., Don Cuco’s is a great brunch option for those looking for an authentic Mexican experience. Only minutes from Hollywood, guests can enjoy reasonable prices on standouts items like Huevos Rancheros and Machaca con Huevos, guests are known to return time and time again. 

Kitchen on San Fernando at the Hilton Garden Inn

This is a great option for breakfast in Burbank when you’re seeking good food and a cozy ambiance. Set in the Downtown Hilton Garden Inn, the restaurant is popular among locals and visitors serving up classic breakfast options such as brioche french toast and chicken and waffles. The American-inspired dishes are big on local ingredients adding a bit of California flavor into every creation and providing coffee and tea selections for a morning dose of caffeine. For all the early birds, breakfast opens at 6 a.m. so you can start your day as the sun rises.

Another Broken Egg Cafe 

As one of the busiest and best breakfasts in Burbank, Another Broken Egg Cafe is consistently delicious providing an upscale menu and memorable experience. Serving up American cuisine, guests can enjoy vegetarian, gluten-free breakfast and brunch options as well as their deliciously crafted brunch cocktails. Possibly even more enticing, Another Broken Egg Cafe has a pet-friendly patio so you can dine with your best pal by your side.


When it comes to all-natural and all-appetizing, Cheebo’s breakfast menu takes the (pan)cake. With a large breakfast offering, flapjacks, breakfast bowls, burritos, sandwiches and French toast are your usual suspects when it comes to ordering here. When it’s time to wash it all down, you’ll have endless opportunities with their bottomless mimosas topped with fresh-squeezed orange, pineapple or white grapefruit juice.For some of the best breakfast and brunch in Los Angeles., choose downtown Burbank where the first meal of the day is celebrated with good food, a welcoming atmosphere and a passion for great service.