Mural Walks


A visit to Downtown Burbank isn’t complete without visiting all our murals and public art. The streets of Downtown are an outdoor art gallery, with each mural bringing life to each wall, oftentimes transforming a seemingly uninspiring canvas into a beautiful piece of artwork. A few of the many artists commissioned to brighten Burbank’s walls include Alex Gonzalez and Blank Canvas LA.

The artwork is scattered throughout Downtown and makes for an engaging stroll through the city. Grab a coffee at Starbucks at 300 N San Fernando Boulevard, and you’ll find murals both inside and outside of their building. Just a short walk away check out the “Made In Burbank” framed image. Then hop across the street to find a SpongeBob SquarePants mural around the corner from Ben & Jerry’s. No matter the art you stumble across, murals are the perfect backdrop to your photos and the best way to experience creativity in the city!

Photo credit from left to right: @thelagirl, @myadorkableadventures, @goldenaimee.

With each new mural installation, Downtown Burbank continues its commitment to enlivening public spaces through art that encourages interaction. Next time you come across a mural, capture the moment and share it on social media with the tag #DTNBUR!

For more murals outside of Downtown, download the City of Burbank’s mural map for more creative inspiration.

Click on any of the murals below for more details and location info!